Ambassador Interview: Cody Cushion

January 25, 2017

In this series, Adrianna Hong explains how her childhood desires became a sudden reality that ultimately made her life whole.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in Houston and moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas, graduating in August 2010 with a degree in Architecture and now work full-time with Gensler. My husband, Cory, was attending school at UT-San Antonio during this time and we spent considerable time together between both cities. I was never allowed to own a pet as a kid, but my husband grew up with three dogs (two Mutts and one Pekingese) and we both knew we wanted medium-sized dogs as adults.

How did Cody come into your life?

It was actually very serendipitous! We were reading a newspaper and spotted an ad for a Corgi for sale - mind you, my husband’s neighbor had a Corgi and he always wanted one - so we cancelled everything for the rest of the day and drove to a breeder in Cedar Creek, TX to see him. We fell in love with Cody from the first second and took him home the very same day at 8 weeks old! We were both still in college at this time, so he spent time in both San Antonio and Austin at first, but we’ve since settled him here.


What about Avery & Stout?

We adopted them a couple years ago from the same litter, but with some stipulations. We always wanted a second Corgi, but my rule was that we could only get another dog if we moved into a house. I really wanted a yard for them to stretch their little stumps and felt bad if we kept them in a tiny Downtown apartment. When we finally found a house, Cory looked on Craigslist for tri-color Corgi puppies, but we didn’t have any luck. It wasn’t until he posted “Corgis Wanted…” that a breeder in San Antonio contacted us and that’s how we got Avery & Stout!

And I actually gave Stout to my Mom as a birthday present! It’s funny she’s accepted dogs in her house now, after I spent years begging her for my own.

Why Instagram?

I started adding pictures to my personal Instagram account, but I quickly realized there aren’t many Corgi accounts out there, so I wanted to start my own. ‘Cody the Corgi’ moniker was already taken and I didn’t want to add any numbers, which turned into a mini project for myself to find the perfect name. It turns out after researching the name “Cody,” its meaning is derived from Greek as “pillow,” hence the Cody Cushion name! Pretty cool!

Anything else we should know about you and Cody & Avery?

We like to adventure around the Greenbelt and Zilker when we can, but they also enjoy their domesticated Barkbox-heavy lives very much. Both Cody & Avery are very hyper and heavy shedders, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

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