Ambassador Interview: Hadley the Malshi

August 23, 2016

Tell us a little about yourself...

I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX and grew up with four rescue dogs being part of our family at one time or another and at that time, I truly understood the value of having a family pet. I left to attend the University of Texas and graduated in May 2013 with a degree in Studio Art. I moved to Los Angeles shortly after graduation and began my career as a publicist for Metro Public Relations , before moving back to Austin in August 2015 to join PR Boutique managing social media, community relations and media relations for our clients.

How did Hadley come into your life?

While in LA, I knew something was missing when I started missing my family dogs more and more, so I began researching breeds in the area. I stumbled across the Malshi - a purebred Maltese and purebred Shih Tzu mix - and couldn’t resist. Through Puppy Avenue, a third-party breeder service, I was able to find and take Hadley home at only 8 weeks old in June 2014! It was very interesting, because our first interaction came via FaceTime and it’s funny to see how far we’ve both come using digital marketing.

Dawg Blog - Hadley Mountain Climber

Why Instagram?

To be honest, I think my friends were genuinely annoyed by my Hadley posts on my personal Instagram, so I decided to create an account for her. I even broke the news to my parents over Instagram after adopting her! LA was truly amazing for Instagram because my company had a list of celebrity clients who would post photos of her for fun and for free, so that led to a huge exposure from the very early stages. I’ve personally paid for a couple digital ads in the past, but I’m constantly liking and commenting on other dog accounts and staying engaged with everyone, which I think has been a huge help in growing the account. The bottom line is that I do it for fun, I really do. I do it, because I think my dog is cute and I think you should too!

Does she go on adventures with you very often? What’s been your favorite adventure with her?

Oh, she goes everywhere with me! She’s an easy traveler at only 8 lbs, so in Austin, we frequent Auditorium Shores and Rainey St. when we can, and you’ll find her posing for the camera in our home as well. Throughout the year, we travel to Rockport, Telluride, Aspen and to our family ranch. My favorite adventure has to be this summer in Telluride, CO and we were leaving to go on a hike. We start hiking and she was being very difficult , she wouldn’t go anywhere on her leash, and was slowing everyone down. But once I took her off, she started hiking faster than we were and didn’t stop until we were finished. She wanted her freedom that day!

Dawg Blog - Claire & Hadley

Anything else we should know about you and Hadley?

We love meeting new people and try to attend as many dog-friendly events in the area as we can. If we can partner with nonprofits in the area, that’s when I really enjoy getting involved!

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