Ambassador Interview: Koda Warrior King

September 22, 2016

In this series, we learn how an unexpected holiday gift became a Disney-inspired furry member of Russ & Miranda Daly's family.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m originally from Montgomery, Alabama and attended college in Birmingham, alongside my eventual husband, Russ, whom I had been dating since high school. We both grew up with pets in the household - Russ with cats and myself with dogs - I had a Dalmatian, a Shepherd mix, and a Boxer who passed away at the age of 15. They were all very special to our family and lived amazing lives! Five days before our wedding, my husband accepted a job at a church in Round Rock and I began nursing school shortly after, so we moved to Austin as fast as we could.

How did Koda come into your life?

Well, we were very involved in our Birmingham church and developed a close relationship with our pastor, who had a female Husky named Sasha. I fell in love with her! We found out she had a litter of puppies in November 2014, with only two boys in the litter - Atticus and Harley - and I knew I wanted a boy. To my surprise, Russ adopted Atticus as a Christmas gift that year and I couldn’t have been happier!

Inspired by the Disney movie 'Brother Bear', the name “Koda” in Native American means “friend” and I thought it would be the coolest Husky name for him. As a puppy, Koda was an introvert, always off by himself, and I thought he was going to be the most mild-mannered dog in the world. And of course, when he grows up, he’s evolved into the most enthusiastic dog in the world!

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Why Instagram?

We wanted to start an ongoing photo album for Koda to not only save our photos, but to share our memories together with family & friends. And honestly, it just continued to grow from that point. When we started consistently using hashtags, other Husky accounts would comment and follow us, so we were able to form relationships with like-minded people. We’re part of the Husky meetup groups in Austin, so that’s truly a fun way to get to know people as well.

Why the “Warrior King”  moniker?

Before Russ and I were married, I lived with some very close girlfriends and we called ourselves the “Warrior Princesses”. When Koda was over, he became the “Warrior King” of all the Warrior Princesses and the name just stuck! We love it!

Anything else we should know about you and Koda?

We just want to get to know other dog owners around North Austin, as well as explore parts of Downtown on occasion. We love to go out and adventure on the weekends! Austin is the very best place to have a dog and we enjoy it so much!

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