Ambassador Interview: Lincoln & Porter

January 30, 2017

In this series, we explore the emotional journey of dog ownership and how one serendipitous encounter impacted the life of Krissy Cooley.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m originally from Baytown, attended school there, and my previous job took me from Baytown to Austin, to Los Angeles, and back to Austin in December 2013. Since moving back, I’ve devoted my time as a volunteer to a variety of nonprofit organizations in the Austin community, including CASACenter for Child ProtectionPop-Up BirthdayFront Steps, and Big Love Cancer Care on the new Dell Children’s Medical campus. The only volunteer service I can’t handle are animal organizations, because I’d be too emotional and want to take every one of them home. But I try to help others in whatever capacity I can!

Did you grow up with pets as a child?

My parents didn’t allow us to have pets as kids. After living in Austin for a few years, I met my now boyfriend Eric, who grew up in Corsicana, TX with a variety of rescue farm animals. Together, we decided to search for a Sheltie and found Cooper from a breeder outside of Austin. Cooper had health problems from the very beginning and, years later, developed a severe case of epilepsy. When we moved to LA, with his standard of living being compromised, we unfortunately had to put him to sleep. I was beyond heartbroken. We didn’t have a dog for a year and it was greatly affecting me, until I worked up the courage to start looking again.

How did Lincoln & Porter come into your life?

We actually spotted Lincoln at a breeder in Temecula, CA named Schiewe Ranch Mini Aussies, bought him at 8 weeks old, and moved him into our apartment. We joke that we took him from his lavish lifestyle! In the beginning, it seemed he was taking it out on me too, because he was a big biter and strong-willed. So when we decided to move back to TX, I wanted a yard and a second dog. We ended up finding Porter through a breeder - he was so small as a puppy - that I was surprised they let us take him. But their personalities couldn’t be more different. Lincoln loves to swim and the attention - they both have life jackets - Porter hates to swim and stays attached to me.

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Why Instagram?

I took so many pictures of the dogs and had no clue where to put them. My co-workers were actually the inspiration behind starting my Instagram, but I was a little hesitant because I started getting so many random followers. After a while, I’ve actually become good friends with a few people, so it’s been getting a lot easier. It’s such a small world - random people have recognized the dogs at concerts at Yellow Jacket Social Club and around Tomlinson’s - so I try to stay as active as possible.

A long time ago, I noticed a Corgi walking down the sidewalk in my neighbor and noticed its name was “Rocket Sauce”. I called the # on the tag and decided to post him on my IG to see if anyone knew him. Within hours, a random follower from Tennessee commented, “Oh you know Rocket Sauce?” and tagged his owner. It turns out his owner lived around the corner from me and it was Geoff Peveto, the part owner of the downtown Frank Restaurant! Definition of a small world!

Anything else we should know about you and Lincoln & Porter?

We visit Zilker a lot and have been to a few Aussie breed meetups in town as well!

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