Top Dawg Spotlight: Kennel & Crate

June 5, 2017

The stories of successful entrepreneurs are all unique in their own way, but there is often a quote in common – “I just made something I wanted.” It may seem simple, but this same formula is exactly what inspired Kimberly Kimrey and her husband Todd to create their rapidly growing kennel brand,

Living in Stillwater, OK, Todd and Kim encountered a problem that they were shocked someone hadn’t solved. They had 2 new members of the family, their bulldogs, that were in need of a new home inside their own. But as they went on the search, none of the kennels online or in the local stores really worked with the style and design of their home. Even further, none of them were useful in the home for anything other than housing their bullies. Custom and functional design seemed to be entirely missing from the market. 

So off they went to the garage, determined to make something that would both provide a comfortable den for their dogs and perfectly compliment the rest of their home.

Out of this came their first kennel, handcrafted in shape, size, and finish to fit their home. A few Facebook posts and friendly conversations later, they sold one to another family. Then another, and another, and another. Before they knew it, the public had made the decision for them – they had started a business. Kennel & Crate was born.

Kennel & Crate came to fruition out of a passion for architecture and a love for dogs that manifests in the quality of their work. Each piece is stained with a water-based polyurethane for durability and protection in addition to their offers of unique distressing to get just the look you’re after.

Beyond the options of more traditional single or double kennels, Kennel & Crate also offers entirely unique custom pieces that can be made to fit the form and function of any place in the home, whether that’s the coffee table or the TV stand. A recent piece even challenges the entire idea of what kennel should or could be – a double kennel desk with the dog’s homes being on both sides of the customer’s workplace. Pieces like this are what truly set Kennel & Crate apart.

After incorporating in January, they have already received requests from local stores to sell or feature their work. One such example being Stillwater’s famous Eskimo Joe’s, where they plan on making a yearly event out of raffling off a kennel to support The Humane Society and their local shelters.

Success so quickly in entrepreneurship is extremely rare, but luckily for us, leaves valuable lessons. As Kim put it –

“Make yourself uncomfortable to be profitable and persistent!”