Top Dawg Spotlight: The Dog Outdoors

January 25, 2017

Have you ever owned a product that truly changed your life? So much so, you wanted to pivot careers and start a business based on that product? For Scott and Jenny Daughtry, this vision became a reality with The Dog Outdoors. One product has since grown into an assortment of lifestyle gear tailored to active dogs and their owners.

The Daughtry family grew by two in the summer of 2007 when the couple adopted their miniature schnauzer, Brinkley, at 6 weeks old from a breeder in South Texas and a lab/pointer mix, Parker, at 8 weeks old from the Town Lake Animal Shelter, who Scott affectionately remembers “gave me that look.”

They soon faced a dilemma during the fall of 2007 with Parker chewing everything in the house and struggling to get the exercise he needed. Serendipitously, Scott came across the WalkyDog Bicycle Leash and knew he’d found the solution! He began biking regularly with Parker, offering the product to his friends, and became infatuated with marketing the leash in a better way. As he recalls, “We got great feedback on how that particular product changed their dog’s temperament … and I experienced the same feeling with my own dogs.” This idea led to the founding of The Dog Outdoors in late 2007, with only a single product and an Ebay store to begin his small business dream.

Family Picture

The store was an early success and Scott decided to add complementary products, while creating an e-commerce website to call his own in January 2008. The website was not only intended to provide product specifications, but also buyer guides and catered video content - typically starring the family themselves!

Combining Scott’s background in Marketing & SEO, with Jenny’s background in Operations, the family has dedicated full-time to their growing business since the spring of 2010.

“We want to be the anti-Amazon - make you feel you’re shopping at a Mom and Pop shop - and it’s been working for us,” said Scott.

Every product sold through the website undergoes a rigorous shipment review to ensure an innate attention to detail. “I like customers to know that every order to is coming directly from us versus a large, faceless company,” said Scott. “With our thank you letter and dog treat as our own very personal touch.”


The Dog Outdoors is dedicated to the core small business value of 100% satisfaction guaranteed transactions. The team does its best to interact with their customers by attending pet conferences and making charitable contributions to various animal-related organizations across the nation.

Scott has offered one piece of advice for those looking to start their own company someday:

“It’s about bringing a personal feel back to the online experience. Find how to set yourself apart from others, because so many little things can be done to make customers feel special."